meet marion

With over 40 years experience , I'm still in awe of how you can take one thing and form it into another. Whether a client comes to me with a vision or no vision, I completely love the process of taking an idea, a color, a feeling and transforming it into a reality. The truth is, I'm as excited to see the finished product as the client is!

things that drive me

The excitement of the changing seasons colors, textures & scents.

The look on my bride's face the first time she sees her bouquet.

How autumnal oak leaves, berries & golden yellow mums make me want to grab my boots & sweater.

The phone call the day after the wedding gushing over how everyone loved the flowers!

Evergreens, balsam & heavenly pine , the sights & sounds of crisp, snowy holidays.

The power & energy every flower possesses to elicit feelings that set the stage for whatever ambiance you wish to create.

The ease of the love affair between human & flower.

This is my relationship with flowers today & the driving principle behind creating Something Blue. Flowers bring me great joy and I get to share that joy with others by surrounding life's celebrations with beautiful florals! 

the studio

why the butterfly?

a butterfly represents new beginning, new life & is symbolic of the metamorphosis of marriage taking 2 single souls & joining them into one connected soul. i adorn all of my bridal bouquets with a blue butterfly crystal (your something blue) as a symbolic gift from me to you!

flowers bring me

and i get to share

that joy with others

by surrounding

life's celebrations

great joy

- marion

with beautiful florals!